Meet the Kesbury Team

Geoff Knight

Butchery has been in Geoff's family for well over 100 years and they were known to be in the trade in the 1890's. It was therefore a natural choice for him to join a local butcher as a Saturday boy whilst he was still at school.

In 1958 he started an apprenticeship with a Co-op store in London and began his full-time career in the meat-trade. He was an apprentice for two years and was often to be seen on the Butchers bike making local deliveries. He moved on to cover staff in many of the 60 stores and it was here that he began to really learn the skills of the trade and established a strong foundation for what was to become a lifelong career. At the end of this apprenticeship, he joined the ranks of the family business.

Geoff's grandfather had a chain of Butcher shops in London and at one point had 12 shops trading in Southend. Here he was able to really hone his skills in a retail environment and was managing a shop of twelve people when he decided it was time to move onto a new challenge.

In 1967 Geoff moved onto the world famous Smithfield Market. Here he began his journey with Veal. He worked on the market for many years seeing another side to this versatile business and learning about the veal products that were fast becoming a desirable commodity. By the time he left he was managing the stall with a team of people working for him.

Geoff moved across the country in the early seventies and worked as a sales director for a large wholesaler and abattoir before being drawn back to veal in the early eighties. This last move brought Geoff and his family to Somerset.

Here he was called upon by a large veal producer to set up and run a wholesale department for the veal that was being produced locally. As sales director Geoff led this project forward and was able to learn in great detail about English Veal and its production. It was during this time that Geoff met Terry, who was Production manager at the same business.

In 1985 17th April at 11.00am, Kesbury was born.

Lisa Knight
Managing Director

Lisa was raised with the meat industry around her, it was therefore inevitable that she would join the team. In 1988 her role within Kesbury Limited began as a trainee to assist Rhoda Knight within the accounting and administration department. Over the years this role evolved, gaining knowledge of all aspects of the business and taking on responsibility for them.

In 2014 she was appointed Managing Director to undertake the task of continuing to maintain the high standards and objectives set in the very beginning by Geoff whilst continuing to drive the business forward with the valued support of the management, supervisory and Kesbury team.

Terry Jeffery
Director/Company Secretary

Terry has spent most of his working life in the meat trade, starting in the retail trade in the London area and then moving down to the west country where he worked in a catering butchers, which also had an abattoir and retail outlets. During this time he was able to gain a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of the meat trade ranging from slaughtering, butchery and managing retail shops.

In 1984 he joined Geoff at a wholesale veal company as production manager where he was able to develop and refine his skills with this specialist product. It was only a year later that Terry and Geoff took the step to bring Kesbury to life.

This wealth of experience is utilised in the sourcing of product for us to prepare for our customers and this role is one that Terry is very passionate about.

As well as his responsibilities as a company Director Terry also oversees our dedicated transport team led by Tim Molland. Ensuring customers receive reliable deliveries is of paramount importance to us.

Terry is the driving force behind Somerset Select and has established and maintained a working relationship with local farmers and resources to enable us to continue to provide this outstanding product.

Adrian Mclaughlin
Sales Director

Adrian joined the company in 1986. He has successfully worked his way up through the ranks, spending time in both the Depot and the Office, and has accrued an invaluable amount of knowledge regarding not only the products, but also the working practices throughout the business.

Adrian is in the enviable position of being able to discuss, with confidence, the process and butchering techniques of each product and is able to pass this knowledge and experience onto the customer making sure they always know the product they will be receiving.

Over his many years in the sales office Adrian has built up a successful client base and enjoys good working relations with buyers from all types of trades, many of which he has been dealing with for over 20 years.

He is ably assisted by Lara Chalker in the administration of the Sales Office. Lara has been a valued member of our team for many years and is often the person to greet our regular customers when they telephone.

Both Lara and Adrian are always more than happy to receive a call from a new voice and to engage in conversation and expand on the products and services we can provide.

Andy Morrison
Operations & Technical Director

Andy entered the meat industry in 1977 as a 14 year old Saturday boy in the butchers in his home village in the North Gwent valleys. He has since gone on to gain a wide range of experience and knowledge in the retail, wholesale and processing sectors of the industry in various roles including cutter, shop manager, production manager and operations manager.

Andy joined us in 2006 and after quickly settling into Kesbury life decided to relocate from South Wales to the West Country in 2008.

Andy is our Operations and Technical Manager with full responsibility for running our production facility ensuring specifications are maintained and adhered to. He is as comfortable with a knife in his hand as he is with a pen in his hand and is happy to respond to any customer's technical request or enquiries.

He has the technical knowledge to listen to ideas and the practical skills to develop and convert those ideas into reality.

Andy leads a multi skilled and loyal team and is supported in this task by Colin Burt (QC Manager) and section supervisor Martin Ware in production. The aim of the entire team is to ensure our customers can open any Kesbury box with complete confidence.

Tim Molland
Senior Driver


Supervisory team:

Colin Burt
QC Manager

Martin Ware
Boning Line Team Leader