Somerset Select

Somerset Select is a product inspired and developed by Kesbury's own Terry Jeffery together with local farmer, Austin Tucker, and has been produced by Kesbury since 2003.

Terry's vision was to work closely with local farmers and to source Lamb and Beef that had been reared, slaughtered and produced in Somerset. This not only re-enforces the 'food miles" philosophy that is so prevalent now, but it means that we, as a company, are able to find good quality animals that have been cared for at every stage of their process and so produce excellent quality meat for our more discerning customers.

There is a strict criterion of working practices including weights and grades of bodies to ensure consistency and quality.

Kesbury has achieved a reputation of boning to a high standard and specification. We have pushed one step further with this specialist product and have committed ourselves to quality not quantity and are boning Somerset Select to an even higher standard of trim.

This means that when our customers open a box of Somerset Select, they can be confident that all the products will be a standard size and confirmation, with less waste and guaranteed taste.

For a full list of available products and prices please contact Terry on; 01458 834167 or email him at