About Kesbury Limited

Kesbury is a privately owned, family run business and was founded in 1985 by Geoff Knight and Terry Jeffery.

Both Geoff and Terry have considerable retail experience which has set the company apart from other wholesalers and mass producers. They have been able to use their knowledge and training to provide a customised service, which allows cuts to be prepared to a customer's specification giving them the exact product they require, time and time again.

The company enjoyed tremendous growth in its early years enabling an expansion into extensive premises, in the heart of Somerset, that have grown and adapted with the business as it has moved forward.

We are proud of establishing a reputation in the meat industry for the high quality Dutch Veal and British Beef that we serve to the wholesale, retail, catering and manufacturing trade along with the flexibility of our service to work in partnership with our customers.

We are also in the enviable position of operating our own fleet of lorries enabling us to have total control over our deliveries and a versatility that allows us to deliver to a wide range of customers from multi-national companies to independent butchers.

The positive growth of the company has also cultivated a strong team of experienced staff and managers who all excel both in their individual roles and in bringing the company together as a whole team. Thus providing continuity and distinction in every aspect of the business.